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Underground Storage Tank and Pollution Legal Liability Insurance (UST/PLL)

Stringent environmental laws dictate property owners consider insuring their exposure to on-site and off-site pollution events.  Call Cris @ Ext 202

 Almost all general liability policies include an absolute pollution exclusion--which is exactly what it sounds like. The accidental or intentional discharge of a pollutant (often defined  so broadly as to include nearly anything --including but not limited to "a solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant") is not going to be responded to by your insurance policy. To fill this gap, the pollution legal liability (PLL) policy and its cousins (the Underground Storage Tank policy, the Finite Cost Policy etc) were devised.

In fact, a pollution claim can be a devastatingly costly event for a business.  For those in the automotive trades, it is not only potentially devastating but also one of the more likely challenges that you will face in your business lifetime. Steel single wall  tanks, inefficient or non-existent monitoring, long discovery periods and multiple potential offenders to a single claim make an eventual pollution event a near certainty for some. Being prepared is a good idea.

Carriers offer various policies and are often willing to combine various needed coverage into a single policy.  Costs can be surprisingly reasonable to quite expensive depending upon the perceived risks and the type of coverage being sought.

Carrier policies are generally not uniform. Unlike your auto policy, the language in the policy will differ from one carrier to the next and therefore it is important to understand that comparing these policies on a price only basis is not the best way to determine value.

Pollution insurance is usually purchased   in coverage parts as needed. The coverage you purchase may be mandated by your landlord or as part of a sales contract for real estate, mandated by a state or federal agency as part of a licensing process or requested by your  attorney in the face of a potential claim. 

Some types of pollution coverage are even available AFTER you discover a pollution event and can be arranged to limit your exposure.  Here are some examples:

  • On-Site Cleanup Coverage for Pollution Conditions.
  • Off-Site Cleanup Coverage for Pollution Conditions.
  • Third Party Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for Pollution Conditions for On-Site Exposures.
  • Third Party Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for Pollution Conditions for Off-Site Exposures.
  • Legal Defense Costs.
  • Pollution Conditions Resulting from Transportation of Products and Wastes (option).
  • Cleanup and Third Party Bodily Injury and Property Damage for Pollution Conditions Resulting from Non-Owned Disposal Sites (Superfund Liability) (option)
  • Underground Storage Tank Coverage (option)

GarageGuys experts can help you decide what the right insurance policy is for your location.

View sample policy terms and definitions HERE. View financial responsibility requirements HERE
Different insurance companies use different policy forms
Premiums can be reasonable
There is no "one" type of  pollution policy









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