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Parking Lots and Valet

We insure all types of miscellaneous auto-related businesses including parking lots and garages,  limousine and custom van manufacturers and parts and salvage operations.  Call 800-762-1784 to quote or bind insurance. Speak with Pete (ext. 209) 
Own or operate  parking lots, a parking garage or valet parking service? We can provide all of the necessary insurance coverage.

Most brokers have a "one-size-fits-all" approach to insurance for the auto services and related industries, but GarageGuys has our own exclusive programs which can be tailored to YOUR needs.

Need liquor liability? Want crime insurance? We've got the coverage you need at a price you can afford.  Whether you build or customize limousines, do window tinting or upholstery, re-bore engines, are a speed shop or sell and repair motorcycles, ATV's or even marine related operations, we are your best source. In fact, if you own, lease or operate more than 10 locations, click HERE to explore an innovative method of insuring your business. Or, if you are ready to stop reading and get going, click HERE for our exclusive free offer worth $248.

If you need us to handle your insurance administration for MSO's, we can do that for you too.  For larger operators, we can design and implement fixed cost programs so that you know in advance the actual cost of insurance at any location — making administration and cost-accounting simple.  Unlike some "garage insurance" agents, we are not tied to a single insurance company. We can access the right program for you and get the exact insurance you need at a price that will surprise you.

Can we insure it?  You bet we can!
If you have a "standard" operation such as repair or parts and have developed a specialty business that has raised the eyebrows of other insurance carriers, give us a call and let us put our expertise to work for YOU.
  • No-audit programs available for Parking Lots and Garages.
  • Repair Shops of all types (Including transmission, brakes, mufflers, customizers, speed shops and others)
  • Salvage and Auto Parts Yards
  • Crime Insurance (Including cash robbery and employee dishonesty)
  • Customer's Cars Coverage (GKLL)
  • Parking and Valet operations.
  • Underground Storage Tank Coverage
  • Pollution Clean-up (including off premises)
  • Liquor Legal Liability
  • Health, Workers Comp and Accident
  • Auto, Tow and Tanker policies
  • Umbrella limits to $100,000,000 available
  • See our complete menu of available coverages here!

GarageGuys has various carriers writing insurance for this class

Insurance Carrier ratings:
A to A++
Number of Programs available is: varied
Average savings range to current market conditions:  21% to 34%




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