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Umbrella & Excess Liability Coverages/Chartis Program

Additional liability insurance over your existing policies at a very reduced cost.  Costs as little as $500 a year for $1 million coverage!

An umbrella policy doesn't replace your existing policies--but it can certainly improve your protection at very little additional cost. And the umbrella policy doesn't just cover your shop liability--it extends to your vehicles as well!

We have an exclusive arrangement with Chartis Insurance to provide umbrella coverage to the automotive trades. So whether you are a gas station or a truck repair shop, we can fortify your current insurance coverage simply and easily.

Umbrella limits from $1MM all the way up to $25MM are available at reasonable prices. Of course we'd love to insure your entire operation but the good news is that we can provide these limits even if you are insuring your shop with someone else.

Typically, shops will purchase umbrella policies in the following situations:

  1. Their lease or mortgage requires liability limits in excess of $1MM
  2. Their contracts or agreements with customers, franchisor or suppliers requires it
  3. They are concerned about their potential exposure to a large lawsuit as a result of the type of activities or products they are dealing with.

The fact is that a shop which is paying $5,000 for $1MM of liability (and auto) coverage can generally double that coverage to $2MM with an umbrella for about $600 a year.  An increase to $5MM might only cost a total of $2,000 additional. Umbrellas are a very cost efficient way of buying insurance.

To discuss or buy umbrella insurance for your shop, call GarageGuys at 800 474 5553 and hit "O" to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable reps.

We have an exclusive program to provide Umbrella policies to the trade
Cost per million in coverage is as little as $600 per year
Your underlying insurance does NOT have to be with GarageGuys!
Limits up to $25MM are available




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