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How GarageGuys Does Business

Providing competitive quotes with A+ insurance companies—the right way and right now!

At GarageGuys, we see our job simply: Provide the most competitive insurance programs written with top rated insurance companies. To help you understand how our process works, have a look at the steps in a typical transaction:

  • You contact a GarageGuys rep at 800-762-1784 because you either need new insurance or your current insurance is expiring within the next 90 days.

  •  Your rep will collect basic information. Or you may simply fax or email a copy of your current policy to us in order to save time. Our fax is 516-358-3540.

  •  GarageGuys will provide you with the most competitive quotes from our many programs quickly--generally within a few days. Your quotes will be with nationally known and highly rated carriers. We do not sell no-name or financially questionable carriers. Quotes can typically average about 20% less than what you are paying

  •  The quote will be valid for 20 days.  You may lock in the quote with a 10% refundable deposit for up to an additional 30 days or request insurance to be put in force on the date you choose. We can accept deposits by credit card, faxed or mailed check or any other method you normally use to pay your vendors. Normally, you will make your payment out directly to the insurance company—not us.

  •  Upon deposit, your rep will complete the underwriting process by having you sign applications, confirm certificate holders, insurance cards etc and will order a physical inspection of your premises by our independent inspector and loss information.

  • We will arrange for cancellation of your prior policies (if any) and follow up for any refunds due on your behalf.

  •  We will issue your policies and arrange for billing terms as you require.

  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction with GarageGuys.

Great quotes, no negotiation
Simple and secure process
Time is money... we don't waste either
Bind insurance on the phone or Internet




2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite W180
Lake Success, NY 11042
 800-762-1784 or 516-358-3500 

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